What symptoms you were experiencing which led you to see Mr Deshpande?

I was in Rajkot, India, in May 2016 where I had a full body check-up as I had been feeling unwell for about 3 months after I had fainted (due to heavy heart chest pain) on a plane journey back from Dubai/ the Maldives in February 2016. Further to these tests – I was informed that I had a ruptured artery with aneurysm (i.e. Type A – Aortic dissection with aneurysm). I was given Mr Deshpande’s contact details by my uncle in New York who is also a doctor. He answered my wife’s call late on Saturday evening even though it was the bank holiday weekend. Despite not knowing us, he went above and beyond the call of duty from that minute until now.

What treatment do you undergo?

Urgent Ascending Aortic and Total Arch Replacement. This is a procedure which is performed to repair the ascending aorta or remove and aortic aneurysm. It requires open heart surgery. How would you describe the care you received during your treatment? Compassionate and World Class – he listened patiently and answered all our questions, explained all the procedures and after care and followed through with care and excellence – we are extremely lucky to have had a wonderful team looking after us at Kings College Hospital led by Mr Ranjit Deshpande.

Would you recommend Mr Deshpande to a friend or family?

100% – without question – he is the most humble person, number one in his field, and has that all important quality – the humane touch!  I/we owe our life to him – literally!

How you are now and how life is post treatment?

I am well and leading a normal life. This can be demonstrated in the attached video where my daughters and I are having some fun while staying at home in these unprecedented times.  I feel truly blessed to have met and been treated by Mr Ranjit Deshpande and having a second chance at life. I live with gratitude towards him and God.