Symptoms and pre-events

I originally had a cardiac arrest in February 2020 and was fitted with an internal defibrillator with the view that I had an electrical issue. Ventricular fibrillations continued. After further heart attacks in February and May 2021 I was referred to the London Cardiac and Vascular Associates team at London Bridge hospital. Initial stenting by Dr Byrne proved insufficient and I continued to experience fibrillation, tiredness and breathlessness during sports.


A triple heart bypass was recommended and conducted on 3rd September 2021

Care received

Care was exemplary. The facility at London Bridge was excellent. All staff really cared, made personal connections, managed pain relief well and constantly explained procedures and next steps. Mr Deshpande himself was exceptional. Explained every step in advance of the operation and helped me prepare mentally. He personally rang my wife after the operation and made time to see me and explain progress on my wakening despite it being near midnight and after a full day of surgery. Also, post-surgery and after leaving the hospital, he made time specially when I developed a temperature and suspected infection and provided instant advice and additional medication. He has also followed up with further advice on medicines.

Would I recommend Mr Deshpande?

YES. I already have. Living in the small island of Guernsey, word spreads fast and I know a number of patients who have seen Mr Deshpande since my recommendations and all have echoed my positive view. He is a brilliant caring physician.

How am I now?

It did take me a full two months post-surgery before I could resume fully work and after three months I recommenced my sports of tennis and golf, but now, four months after surgery, I exercise every day and have resumed competitive golf and team tennis. I am no longer breathless and my physical strength has returned. It also took rehabilitative work and physio to do this. I was concerned about the operation and am now so glad that I did this. I have my life back! I am now able to plan ahead with confidence, including skiing and sailing holidays. Life can now be enjoyed again.