What symptoms you were experiencing which led you to see Mr Deshpande?

I had a mitral valve prolapse and was suffering from shortness of breath, and extreme tiredness.

What treatment did  you have?
I had a mitral valve repair through minimal evasive surgery.

How would you describe the care you received during your treatment?

The care I received was excellent. Mr Deshpande very kind and honest from the start. He took the time to explain to both myself and my family about what procedure I was going to go through and what I would need to go through in the event a repair was found not to be feasible. His team were wonderful throughout pre and post surgery.

Would you recommend Mr Deshpande to a friend or family?
Yes I would definitely hands down recommend Mr Deshpande to anyone. Out of about 8 surgeons Mr Deshpande was the only surgeon to agree on a minimal invasive repair compared to a sternotamy and valve replacement. He is a blessing to anyone in his care.

How you are now and how life is post treatment
Mr Deshpande has given me a second chance in life to make memories with the most important person in my life and watch him grow and I will always be filled with gratitude for this. Life is much better and my confidence is building up again albeit slowly.