Late last year my wife was suffering major chest pains following various procedures carried out over a number of years, fitting stents and ballooning, culminating in further visits to the local hospital where we became unsatisfied that the prognosis and recommended course of action appeared to be inconsistent with her view of the problem. At that point we made the decision to seek further advice and following discussions with friends in the medical profession sought an independent view from Mr Deshpande at London Bridge Hospital.

Following a telephone conversation with Mr Deshpande we made the decision to take my wife out of local medical care and put her under the care of Mr Deshpande and also Professor Philip MacCarthy.
Both of whom exuded great confidence and knowledge of the situation and gave a very clear and graphically detailed view of the course of action and the appropriate medication both before and after procedure. All consultations were conducted in a most relaxed but professional manner allowing full and frank opinions to be shared by all parties with no time pressure.
A heart bypass was performed by Mr Deshpande at a precise time after the consultation when he felt the existing artery was in such a state as to warrant carrying out the procedure. The operation could not have been conducted without the considerable experience and knowledge of Mr Deshpande due to the proximity to the heart of numerous previously fitted stents. The operation was a complete success including other ‘remedial work’ which he felt was necessary whilst under the anaesthetic. The service and efficiency of the whole process was an absolute exemplar and a credit to London Bridge Hospital and all of the various departments involved but particularly the professionalism and personal manner in which Mr Deshpande conducted the whole process.
We would most certainly recommend him to any other friends or family.