I would like to say a huge thank you for the care and treatment I have received via LC&VA and in particular from Mr Ranjit Deshpande.

I am a 58 year old male who has enjoyed moderate fitness until recently when shortness of breath on a few occasions made me visit my GP. Numerous tests followed. I was admitted to King’s Hospital on the 17th Nov 2016 and Ranjit (we agreed first name terms!) operated on 18th. I write this review on 5 December – a little over two weeks later. I have a repaired mitral valve which was demonstrating severe regurgitation, my “hole in the heart” was fixed, my Atrial Fibrillation issue was resolved by Mr Max Baghai during the same op via Ablation and there was another smaller issue resolved. All of this was diagnosed from the tests. I was asleep for 7 hours while they and their teams worked on me.

Anyone reading this who has similar issues will be told by well-meaning friends and relatives that this sort of work is now routine, everyday stuff. It isn’t as far as you are concerned! However I hope you can take my experience and have huge faith in the work undertaken by these surgeons and their support teams. Because I was deemed a “good fit” for minimally invasive surgery that is what I got – hence my recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. I didn’t feel all that unwell before the operation but everyone confirmed to me that this would change if the procedure did not go ahead. You feel you have few options – although what options you do have are fully explained to you. Within 14 days of my surgery I am walking over four miles a day on my way back to fitness. I really want to get back to my badminton, squash and golf although this will have to wait a few months but I have been assured it is possible. None of that comes down to luck – it is all about the skill, professionalism and experience of these doctors. You do have to put your life in their hands – but in a sporting analogy if I was the cricket team captain I would certainly want Mr Deshpande and Mr Baghai fielding in the slips! Thank you to all at LC&VA and to all at King’s Hospital.