What symptoms you were experiencing which led you to see Mr Deshpande?
I was referred to Dr Deshpande by my son’s friend, Dr Ravi Kamdar. I had been diagnosed in India to require a mitral valve replacement (second time) and a tricuspid repair (first time) via an open heart surgery. Dr Deshpande being renowned as an expert in minimally invasive procedures for heart valves, I wanted to obtain a second opinion on my diagnosis as well as consider whether a minimally invasive procedure was suitable for me. My Symptoms were mainly shortness of breath on exertion and general malaise.

My Treatment included various investigations including CT Aorta, carotid duplex, echocardiogram and lung function tests, and extensive consultations with Dr Byrne and Dr Deshpande. Post consultation, I decided to go ahead with an open heart procedure to replace the mitral valve and repair the tricuspid valve.
Post-operative care and further consultations on recovery were meticulously taken care by Dr Deshpande and his team.
How would you describe the care you received during your treatment?
The care I receive was excellent and beyond my expectations. The entire journey from the start to the end was fault-less. I felt very comfortable, informed and “in good hands” during the entire process.
The information provided about my condition was clear, with the treatment options and risks very transparently and plainly explained. I felt well informed in a timely manner and this made my decision making easier. All my questions were fully answered by Dr Deshpande and this gave me the confidence to proceed with the procedure.

The care provided by all staff (the consultants, ward doctors, nursing staff, the various specialists like physiotherapists, etc) was very professional and friendly and I was very well looked after.
I want to share special recognition to the anaesthetist and Dr Deshpande. They took special care especially on the day of the surgery and the hours post-surgery. I was very humbled by their personal care and attention that I received post surgery, where I had had some blood loss and this meant that the Anaesthetist had to stay overnight, had there been a need for him.
Post surgery I was amazed as to how quickly I was mobilised and taking my first steps on day 2 with the physiotherapist. There was no looking back and I was mobile within 4 days of the surgery.

I would highly recommend Mr Deshpande to anyone requiring the need for repair or replacement of heart valves. I have already recommended him to a few friends in Kenya (where I live).

How you are now and how life is post treatment?
I am back in Kenya and doing very well. After spending 7 days in hospital, I felt confident to carry on independently with all the given advice to rehabilitate at home. The recovery is going very well. I am able to take short walks without any shortness of breath and live my life normally. I am very grateful to Dr Deshpande and his team for giving me what is truly a new lease of life.