Read all about Julian’s story under Mr Deshpande’s care at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates.

Julian was suffering from unstable angina and was initially admitted under the care of a cardiologist for an angiogram and stenting as needed. He had previously had a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) at London Bridge in 2010. ​Unfortunately, a vessel became occluded whilst undergoing the angiogram and he needed to have an emergency CABG performed to resolve a life threatening event.

In his own words, ‘​My care was excellent with a highly professional and attentive staff in a caring environment. I felt everyone was genuinely concerned for my well-being after such an unexpected complication. I am (still) living proof of the skills of Mr Deshpande faced with a critically ill patient at very short notice and needing to operate in a very tight time frame.

I am sure without his prompt and skilled intervention I would not be alive today. I would of course recommend him – although I would not wish anyone in my family to need such urgent care of course! Now, life is good. I have had a slow recovery but am grateful for for every day.’

Thank you to Julian to for sharing his story.