Jennifer had been experiencing upper chest tightness for around three months. This pain was usually triggered by activities such as walking up hill or stairs, however this pain would usually ease off once she had rested.

After having an ECG, Echo, CTCA and angiogram under the care of another doctor, Jennifer was referred to Mr Ranjit Deshpande, who later performed a bypass on her heart. For Jennifers surgery, Mr Deshpande used a new technique called ‘beating heart surgery’, where by avoiding the use of cardiopulmonary bypass machines, you therefore eliminate the complications that come with that type of surgery.

Jennifers son said ‘The care my mother received from beginning to end of her experience was more than she and I could have wished for. The services provided by Mr Deshpande were faultless’. The surgery gave ‘my mum a new lease of life’.

Jennifer was in and out of hospital within a week and is now recovering at home and becoming stronger day by day.

‘On behalf of my Mother and myself I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you and Liz have done. The service and care my mum has received and that you have provided has been impeccable. I cannot thank you enough.’