Jamie explains all about his symptoms that led him to see Mr Ranjit Deshpande at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates…

“I had felt very unwell for several months, couldn’t sleep properly, became breathless and tired when walking over 100 yards, and was retaining a lot of water. My GP could hear a heart murmur, and subsequent tests revealed a severely malfunctioning mitral valve which would require fairly urgent surgery. I was referred to Mr. Deshpande as one of the very best in his field for this type of operation.

Mr Deshpande performed open heart surgery to completely replace the mitral valve. I was naturally very apprehensive at the prospect of such a major intervention. He talked me through all aspects of the procedure in a calm, professional, reassuring and empathic manner. The operation went incredibly well, exactly as planned and there were no complications. I remain deeply impressed by Dr Deshpande’s skills in carrying out such a difficult procedure.

The care I received during treatment was excellent – from arriving for surgery the day before to being discharged from hospital 6 days later.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr Deshpande to friends and family. My recovery is going well. I feel so much better already – just a few weeks after the operation. I’m sleeping, eating and walking properly again. Everything is healing rapidly. The scar is so tidy too. I’m incredibly grateful to Mr Deshpande for sorting out my heart and giving me back my quality of life.”