Gary is a long term diabetic and had had several previous procedures for his diabetic foot. Diabetes affects the thickness of all the arteries of the body, sometimes narrowing them critically. As with the leg, Gary also had narrowing of his heart arteries.

Gary originally had stents but these became blocked. In diabetics, stents do not usually last very long. Therefore Gary was referred for bypass surgery.

Mr Deshpande, “It has been proven that heart bypass surgery using arterial grafts has a very good long term effect. Since I perform this surgery as keyhole procedure I was the preferred clinician for Gary. He didn’t want his breast bone to be opened and wanted to recover as fast as possible.”
Gary was suffering symptoms including chest pain, chest tightness and short of breath on slight exertion or climbing up hill /stairs.
He underwent successful endoscopic minimal access CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) surgery.
He came to see me one week post surgery, taking public transport and climbing five to six railway bridges without any symptoms, the transformation was wonderful to see.
Gary’s story is truly inspiring. All this was happening in the middle of his daughters A level exams!

From Gary Mabbutt: “The treatment that I received for my blocked heart artery was life changing, I was referred to Mr Deshpande by my heart Professor Philip McCarthy, after identifying a nearly blocked artery to my heart during an angiogram.
The procedure was clearly explained and I was fully informed during the lead up to the surgery and after. I would most definitely refer Mr Deshpande to anyone who requires similar heart surgery to mine. I could not have had better care. I recovered very quickly from my bypass and I am now in good health.”