Chris was initially referred to Dr Byrne, one of the consultant cardiologists at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates, from Guernsey. He went to the London Bridge Hospital with severe angina (chest pain) and two blocked arteries, which had shown up on a heart stress test. After further investigation, Dr Byrne and Chris discussed the options and came to the conclusion that heart bypass surgery was the best treatment option. Chris was referred to Mr Deshpande, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates, to have the surgery. The surgery took place on 12th October 2020 and was extremely successful.

In Chris’ own words “The care I received at the London Bridge Hospital was outstanding all the way through pre and post operation from all staff. This was a major surgical procedure and Mr Deshpande spent a lot of time taking me through it in great detail, putting me completely at ease regarding the surgery. From that very first meeting I had total trust in Mr Deshpande and knew I was in the best of hands with a world class surgeon.

I would unreservedly recommend Mr Deshpande and his colleagues at the London Bridge Hospital Cardiac Unit. I could not have been in better hands or received better care. These are surgeons at the top of their game who put the patient ‘s interests first and foremost with every treatment decision they make. I cannot thank Mr Deshpande and Dr Byrne enough for what they did for me. It may sound a bit of a cliche but I have genuinely been given my life back.”

Chris continues to recover at home and get stronger day by day.

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