What treatment did you undergo?

Mitral valve repair using minimally invasive surgery and Maze procedure with 2 surgeons + team involved . Mr. Deshpande and Mr. Max Baghai. The surgical incision was small and within a week I could already see significant improvements in my symptoms. After six weeks, other than a small scar there was no signs of any surgery.
How would you describe the care you received during your treatment?– The care was excellent from start to finish. Mr Deshpande’s skill, wealth of knowledge, track record and ability to get on with patients is comforting and inspiring. I would also recommend London Bridge Hospital for providing very good care.

Would you recommend Mr Deshpande to a friend or family?

Wholeheartedly. Mr Deshpande was able to quickly identify the seriousness of my case and addressed the issues within weeks rather than months. Mr Deshpande is capable of performing both conventional and minimally invasive surgery, which was a big plus for me. It was good to hear that patients have a choice, which is not always the case elsewhere. Thankfully, after various checks, it was possible for me to have the minimally invasive treatment and I am so glad that I had that method as my recovery and healing was so quick. I would recommend the minimally invasive route to anyone who is eligible to receive it!
How are you are now and how life is post treatment?

Hugely improved. I am able to drive, walk a good distance, the cough has gone as has the breathlessness. I have come off all medication and feel fine. My resting heart rate has settled at 77 beats per minute and my weight is steady with a good appetite. Full recovery may take 6 months to a year and I will work toward that goal. Many thanks to Mr Deshpande, also to Mr.Baghai and all the team involved. My wife, son and I are indebted to Mr Deshpande giving me a much better quality of life.