About London Cardiac & Vascular Associates


London Cardiac & Vascular Associates is a leading private cardiac clinic in central London and surrounding areas. The partners work closely together to provide top quality, specialised care for their patients.

Cardiac Centre of Excellence

The consultants at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates are some of London's top cardiology and complex cardiothoracic surgery specialists. Multidisciplinary focused care means patients are provided with tailored treatment plans and state of the art care to ensure that all their needs are catered for. 

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The London Cardiac & Vascular Associates team provide their patients with access to:​​

  • Evidence-based care and clinical excellence
  • World-class cardiac and vascular care
  • Tested technology and the latest innovations
  • Multidisciplinary team care and pathways
  • Care for international patients
  • Last-minute appointments
  • Second opinions service
  • Multiple locations for patient convenience

Your patient journey with London Cardiac & Vascular Associates

  1. Book your appointment

    It’s extremely simple to book an appointment with one of the consultants at London Cardiac & Vascular Associates, either call NEW NUMBER or email our team at info@lcandva.co.uk.
    You can also check us out on certified medical booking websites, like Doctify

  2. Receive appointment confirmation

    All appointments are confirmed by a confirmation letter sent via secure email or post, depending on how you’ve told us you’d like to be contacted.  
    Consultation slots are approximately 30 minutes long. However, the time you will spend with one of our specialists will be tailored according to your clinical needs. 
  3. Attend your appointment

    Each appointment is unique to the patient but most first-time appointments usually involve the consultant taking a detailed medical history as well as current symptoms and assessing any diagnostic tests that may need to be done.

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    Diagnostic tests

    At London Cardiac and Vascular Associates, we try ensure scans and diagnostic tests are performed on the same day or at your earliest convenience, with a written report and findings available within hours of your consultation. 
  2. 5

    Follow up appointment

    During your follow up we will discuss all test results and if needed construct a treatment plan to help you get back to living your life to the full.

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    Together, London Cardiac & Vascular Associates cover all aspects of cardiology and cardiothoracic treatments from general cardiology to rare and complex cardiac problems. It goes without saying that should we need to expedite your treatment, our team are well prepared to admit patients immediately after a consultation with priority surgery/treatment appointments available.

London Cardiac & Vascular Clinic Locations

LC&VA at The Cleveland Clinic
  • 33 Grosvenor Place
  • London
  • SW1X 7HY
LC&VA at BMI The Sloane
  • 125 Albemarle Road
  • Beckenham
  • BR3 5HS
LC&VA at Guthrie, Kings
  • King's College Hospital
  • London 
  • SE5 9RS

Patient Stories