‘On October 10 2019, I had Bypass surgery at London Bridge Hospital performed by Dr. Deshpande.
The symptoms that I was experiencing prior to my surgery was a moderate to sharp pain in my chest as I walked at a brisk pace (about 100 paces per minute). I first began experiencing chest pains about 8 months prior to surgery. At first, I could walk about one kilometer before feeling any pain, but with time I was experiencing chest pains after walking only about 200 meters. In the end, walking up 20 stairs or so would leave me completely winded.

My cardiologist, Professor McCarthy, explained that my condition sounded like classical angina and ordered a Stress Test. The Stress Test was followed by an angiogram which revealed I had a major blockage to my left anterior descending artery. Unfortunately, due to the location of the blockage, a stent could not be used and By-pass Surgery was suggested.
Dr. Deshpande was recommended as my surgeon. He consulted with me after the angiogram and explained the findings. We discussed the surgical options available. He was very candid but reassuring. He recommended an endoscopic heart bypass, which he felt would be best for me since it was a less invasive procedure. Also, he explained, by using this procedure, he would not have to stop my heart, and my hospital stay and recovery time would be shorter.
At all times Dr Deshpande was very positive, reassuring and considerate. His confidence made me very comfortable and reduced my anxiety. He never failed to answer any questions, but most of all, he made me feel I was in good hands.
Dr. Deshpande visited me post op on several occasions. We discussed my progress and recovery regularly. My operation and recovery were quite successful. After the surgery if stayed in ICU for 5 days. Four days after surgery I could already walk up two flights of stairs. Within a week of leaving the hospital I could walk for 30 minutes at a time. This was a milestone that was set for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.
Today, about six months later, I continue to improve. The only side effect of the surgery is a numbness / tightness in the area of the incision. Otherwise there are no other side effects of the surgery.
In conclusion, I would say I have been very fortunate. The care I have received at London Bridge Hospital was superb. I would highly recommend Dr. Deshpande and feel indebted to him for saving my life. (Mr. Deshpande had insisted I do the surgery right away whereas I felt I could have delayed it for a few months). His advice in this matter was pivotal and very likely lifesaving.’